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Recruitment Consultants Vs Football Agents

We all love football don’t we?  We all talk about, moan about it and slag off Ericssons favourite son - Steve McLaren at every opportunity, and we even think that we all all know what we are talking about. So why is it, with all our skills that we have gathered over the years in […]

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I can’t get to the interview as I have been arrested for armed robbery!!

In recruitment we have all seen and heard every excuse known to man for someone either being late for work or not even turning up, but there are still some unique (and funny) ones that happen occasionally. A genuinly true story happened to me a few years ago………….I had two contractors going to work on […]

Candidate or Employee?

I had the pleasure this last week of taking part in a Lou Adler- the recruitment guru -  webinar, and in it he refers to top talent as employees NOT candidates. You look at people as future employees and you will recruit better people, rather than treating people as ‘transactional’candidates. How true that is, but […]

Space Hoppers or Job Hoppers?

A few years ago, the ideal job was one where an employee could stay for their entire career, pick up a pension and then retire. For some people that is still the case, but the move to a more fluid employment market is now becoming the norm as we all know.However, will we as recruiters […]

Welcome to my blog!

Hi there recruitment blogging world, let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Andy Headworth and I have had the pleasure of working in the wonderful world of recruitment for nearly 20 years across a number of different industries. I own a specialist recruitment company but more recently have taken a slight change […]