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My Top Ten Favourite Funny Social Recruiting Cartoons

Over the many years I have been blogging, there is one thing that has been consistent in terms of some of the posts I have posted - HR and recruitment people have a good sense of humour about our industry. I have been looking back at some of the 1000+ posts I have written on Sirona Says, and thought I would share ten cartoons that I have posted over that time, that are still as relevant as when I posted them over the years.

They still all make me laugh and smile, I hope they do you as well.

1. Social media can sometimes drive you mad


2. Twitter stress is VERY real for HR people!


3. Non #SocialRecruiting


4. The social recruiting road can be painful at times


5. It isn’t as easy as you think being a social media manager


6. Many recruiters still haven’t quite grasped Twitter


7. People are always making the wrong assumptions about social media


8. The challenge of creating content for social media is too much for some.


9. Establishing an ROI is far from easy


I have saved my ALL-TIME favourite to the end.

10. This is the ultimate social recruiter


Well I hoped some of these make you smile as much I do when I see them.

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