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My Pay it Forward - showcasing recruitment candidates


Over the course of the last few weeks, I have had a number of good CV's arrive in my inbox from various Talent Managers, Heads of Resourcing, Recruiting Managers (all client side). Add to that messages on LinkedIn Twitter etc asking if I know of any roles for people of these skills. This got me thinking………..

Now it must be noted, I don't recruit these types of individuals either directly, or for clients - I haven't done that full-time for a few years now. My income source is from consulting about recruitment not recruiting.

I am, however, always happy to help, share or direct people to client job roles that I have heard of or know of, in the spirit of helping a) people find a new job and b) clients getting some good candidates for their roles. There is no financial reward, no incentives - just my own 'pay it forward' to my own industry.

So here's the thought………

Why I don't I make this more public than I am currently doing? I get a good amount of recruitment industry people - both recruiters and corporates - reading my blog, so why not?
What if I displayed details of these people on my blog for people to reach out to them directly (with the permission of the individual obviously)? It would be limited to certain roles that require unique skills and experiences around recruitment, and it would be totally at my discretion - i.e. there will be limited numbers each week.

My thought would be to request a 200 word paragraph from a job seeker (that meets my required job role criteria) and a copy of their CV / a link to their LinkedIn profile to verify it. I will leave names off, instead having just a job title, and the only contact details shown will be a link back to the persons LinkedIn profile, to enable interested parties to contact them appropriately. Simple.

[If there is enough interest I will compile a set of criteria for inclusion]

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a job board, it is merely a way of showcasing and helping a few candidates get their next new job/contract in recruitment etc There is NO financial gain here at all.

My initial ideas on job restrictions are:

Corporate recruitment management roles such as; Head of Resourcing, Head of Talent, Talent Acquisition Manager, Talent Manager, Recruitment Manager, Resourcing Manager etc
No geographical restrictions to locations ( as my blog is read globally anyway).

So what do you think, then? Could it work?

[By the way I will need to attach a name to this - any ideas - Sirona Shares; Sirona Select - you get the idea]

If you are someone in one of those roles and would like to be featured very soon please email me or give me a call.

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