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Is this an alternative to paying recruitment agency fees to recruit talent?


Recruiting talented people is a HUGE challenge as we all know. Not only have you first got to identify and find these people, but you have also got to attract them to your company with an appealing proposition. This talent will no doubt be working already in a good role/good company, so it may not be as simple as just offering loads more cash (although that obviously helps!).

This is a conversation I was having with one of my clients yesterday, and fortunately we are able to build both interesting physical incentives AND an exciting proposition into their talent acquisition strategy. But is it something you would consider? Would you even dare to break the mould?

Take a look at what a US based tech company called SONAR are doing to try and attract talent to their company. They have realised that paying recruitment fees (retainers or straight contingency) is not incentivising the recruiters to find this 'hard to find' talent, so they have opted for a new approach.

This is the 'gift package' they now offer ALL NEW hires when they join Sonar:

•    A Zero Gravity Experience (not a simulator)
•    A “Round The World” flight ticket
•    1 year supply of scotch (Evening consumption only!)
•    Hang Gliding trip
•    Sky Diving trip
•    Surfing lessons
•    1 Ticket to SXSW and any big data conference
•    1 year gym membership
•    A night’s stay at the Waldorf Astoria
•    New wardrobe from uniqlo
•    Makerbot 3D Printer
•    64GB iPad 2
•    High-def video projector

And (according to their founder Brett Martin) they will still have the 'equity discussion' at the same time!!

I just want you to think about this for a moment………………..

This isn't so mad after all.

As an organisation recruiting staff, you would be happy to shell out maybe £5-10,000 on a mid-range hire or maybe £2-3000 on the same level referral payment. Now just add up most of the above - something similar or maybe even less. But doesn't look so much more? 
Just think of the publicity and interest you could create around your opportunities and brand? [This would mean you would need an online recruitment system (ATS) that was fit for purpose though, to facilitate this!!]

Anyway, maybe this isn't such a mad idea after all? You don't have to do it all -  maybe an iPad for every new employee (paid for out of the recruitment fee budget) might just be a start to differentiate yourselves?

What do you think? Would you consider doing this at your company?

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