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My Top 10 Funny Job Interview Cartoons

While image searching on Google the other day, I came across one of these cartoons which made me laugh. So I went digging and found a few more, so in the spirit of sharing some smiles, I have put them together into a job interview cartoon top ten.

Here goes….in 10th position


In 9th


In 8th….

Bad interview 8

In 7th….

Bad job interview 3 

In 6th…

Bad job interview 9 

in 5th…

Bad job interview 1 

in 4th….

Bad job interview 6 

now we move into the top 3, so in 3rd….


in 2nd place….

Bad job interview 10 

And still my favourite (it has been around for a while) is this one, at No. 1

Bad job interview 2

I hope that you also found these amusing, and if you know any others please share them with us.

  • Alconcalcia

    Try my series of Dave’s rubbish interviews for size 🙂 here’s the first. there are four m ore in the series currently.


  • Alconcalcia

    There are now 10 in the series ‘Dave’s rubbish interviews’. The delivery is a bit wooden but you’ll get the gist.

  • first resume

    These cartoons made me laugh so loudly that all my office colleagues came to see them and laugh with me 🙂 Great job!

  • Jafor

    amazing collections…. These cartons really make me happy and please keep it up!!!

  • goldabidz

    Hi! I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your photos for my own blog post - https://lifebeyondpinkstripes.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-jobs-for-you-this-2013.html.

    I made the necessary acknowledgement though.:)


  • Alexander Zeldin

    The IKEA job interview picture is very original.

  • Hospital Jobs Inc

    I love the “why did you leave your last job” cartoon. I think someone should steal that line in a job interview!