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Is this what you would find in a headhunters talent pool?

  Picture credit - Terrie Yeatts Today, the image says it all! I saw this image today while doing some research on talent pools!! Apologies if it too visual for some, but it certainly made me smile, with regards to the creativity and black humour!   If you like reading this blog, then click on […]

That’s a bit harsh on recruitment consultants……….or is it?

Perception is a powerful word (you only have to look at the picture above to see that!) and for recruitment consultants it can be a bit of a problem! Generically there are two types of readers of my blog - recruiters and non-recruiters (basically everyone that isn't in recruitment!) So it is going to be […]

Could this approach to passive candidates work?

Headhunting / executive search / passive candidate attraction have all been around for ages, and there doesn’t seem to be much innovation in the sector. So while reading an article by Kevin Nale, one of his points intrigued me. He advocates creating a short professional introduction video, personalised to the target candidate you are trying […]

Big fat retainers - the new insurance policy?

Everyone has heard the phrase, ‘your reputation precedes you’, but what if clients engaged you with large retainers for work they hope you won’t do? What a nice job to have! Well a lady in the news currently is the top lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who recently defended Sir Paul McCartney against the viper tongued Heather […]