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The Recruitment Phoenix is starting to rise, but how do you make it fly?

Today's post is a first for my blog - it is written by a guest writer. Over the next few weeks and months I have a number of fantastic guest writers lined up to share with you some great content from the world of recruitment. They are all experts in their particular subject matter, and […]

One City Job Centre that actually cared!

Over the last few months the Job centre has come in for a considerable amount of criticism (me included!) in the way that they are not able to help the millions of job seekers that need real help. So when I come across (and work) with a Job Centre that is proactive, responsive, helpful and […]

OK, so what DO you have to wear to the interview to get a job then?

Is it a sign of the times that 76% of British bosses will make a decision on your suitability for their job,  based on what you are wearing when you sit in front of them at the interview? Is this really a surprise? I don't think, so as employers have been doing it for years. […]

Nice idea Monster, but a dangerous ‘promise’ to job seekers!

Yesterday an email arrived from Monster, promoting their new Monster Virtual Jobs Fair later this year on the 1st October. Great idea, and certainly a good way to go to try and innovate the job board market place. That is until I saw the 'promise' message that it gives you (as a job seeker) when […]

“I will work for a month for FREE” - Recruitment Managers!

Yes it has finally happened, although I thought it would be a while yet before these 'dramatic' measures started!In conversation with a company this morning, he made me aware that several household name high street retailers have been recently approached by multiple professional level job seekers offering their services for free.They offer to work for […]

Innovation or Madness? New Recruitment company, Playfair and Noble, pay 50% of their fee to the successful candidate!

Do you ever get emails from companies looking to 'sell you' their company? Probably like you, I get a fair amount arriving in my inbox each week. So you could probably say that I am a little sceptical (too long in the recruitment world, I am afraid!!) So it was a really pleasant surprise to […]