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The 10 most negative vibes companies give out at interviews

As an employer, recruiting staff is hard enough, but surely it would be easier to attain a higher success level, if you didn’t give your job seeking interviewees bad vibes at the interview. Well I am afraid it is a very common occurrence with interviewing managers. I have certainly been on the end of interviews, […]

No Employment Brand? …..forget it then!

So much for all this marketing hype around employment brands, it does seem that as an employer if you want to have a chance of recruiting the best for your company, then you are going to have to take your employment brand very seriously!! According to a recent survey by , a massive 86% […]

10 Things you need to know about Employer Branding

As this subject is such a hot topic at the moment I thought I would share this article that I recently wrote for another blog. As a starting point on this subject, we had first better define what an employment brand actually is -  the CIPD define it as a set of attributes and qualities […]

Employees of the future - brainwashed or simply too lazy?

Are companies suffering because of ingrained and pre-programmed mindsets in candidates and prospective candidates? And more importantly, what is the route of this negativity?Take for example the retail sector. A recent survey - the Targetjobs Employer of Choice Graduate survey -found that most of the graduates associated retail with negative experiences, and so were ruling […]

10 Ways to Attract Female Talent (legally of course!)

There are more companies that are recruiting women (fairly I might add!) into senior positions within their organisations. But how do you make sure that you also tap into the female talent pool as well as the male talent pool, when searching for that next key employee? An article by an american search consultant, Erin […]