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May 12, 2008

Is Twitter the new RSS subscription?

It's Monday, so I thought I would start the week with an interesting poser to get your brains working.

Is Twitter the new RSS subscription?

RSS Subscription is an awesome and powerful tool, but has it already become 'mainstream'? Are people now looking for that next communication channel with an edge? Has it just become 'accepted' all of a sudden?

Twitter has become that edge (for the moment anyway!) and is expanding very very fast, so just think if you had joined Twitter just 6 months ago? How many followers would you have now? You could have 1000's of people following you and taking note of what you say - a very powerful distribution channel to get your message across. There is no doubt that Twitter could be as powerful as RSS subscription, but is it better?

So for those of you that either haven't joined Twitter yet or have only recently seen the light (my hand is raised here! - want some Twitter tips?) then you need to get over to Twitter and join up (follow me).


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