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SironaSays now has it’s own iPhone App!


After seeing the likes of Chris Brogan and Seth Godin create iPhone apps from their blogs, I thought if it's good enough for these two great thought leaders, then it is certainly good enough for me!

So I set about creating my own iPhone FREE app based on this blog. I wanted to be able to provide another way for my blog readership to read my blog. Now there is a certain irony here, because I am a staunch Blackberry user and don't possess an iPhone! (You may well have seen some of my banter on Twitter - Blackberry Vs iPhone).

But (luckily) my wife, Sara, has a nice new shiny iPhone, and I have to say, the Sirona Says app looks just superb! I am really pleased with it, and I hope you do to (if you have an iPhone of course)!

So if you have an iPhone, go over to the App Store on your iPhone and search for SironaSays - it is a FREE app - and you can download it there. Alternatively you can get it via the App Store on iTunes here.

If you don't have an iPhone then you you can still make sure you don't miss a post by subscribing to my RSS feed instead!

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If you like reading this blog, then click on the orange RSS icon here and get the latest Sirona Says posts delivered to your RSS reader or your inbox the moment they come out.

  • lis Wilson

    Brilliant Andy - I am really impressed. The possibilities are endless!!!

    PS: Has it knocked everything else off kilter? I have to scroll right down to the bottom of the web page to read any entries.