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January 09, 2008

Your Gut - a false economy!

£5million+ a year is being wasted by companies in the UK with employees with over 2500 employees - and what is the reason? Poor recruitment practices are firmly to blame according TalentQ's recent company research!! Companies are apparently making bad decisions when assessing and selecting job candidates without realising the huge impact that a poor quality hire can have on their business' bottom line. The research showed that these bad decisions are as a result of employers not using any tried and tested selection methods, either personality or aptitude tests.

As a recruiter who has worked with many clients, this is not a real surprise I have to say, as it seems much of todays recruitment decision making is still done with the 'old favourite' - 'the gut feel!  This of course is the worst recruitment technique, and many studies have shown that companies get better recruits by applying selection tests during the recruitment process. So if companies are looking to cut costs in the recruitment process and believe that they can cut costs in the selection of their future employees, then they are barking mad! Your 'gut feel' might look good on week one in the life of your employee, but it may not prove to be looking so good on week ten, after you have discovered some of their questionable traits!!


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