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January 14, 2008

No Employment Brand? .....forget it then!

So much for all this marketing hype around employment brands, it does seem that as an employer if you want to have a chance of recruiting the best for your company, then you are going to have to take your employment brand very seriously!! According to a recent survey by jobs.ac.uk , a massive 86% of job seekers rate an employers brand important when applying for jobs - only 2% said it was unimportant!

So it is something recruiters have known for a while (and have actually been advocating for years), that job seekers are increasingly researching prospective employers' brands before deciding whether to apply for a job with them! So, before you even get to see a cv, job seekers have already made a decision about whether they want your company to see it!! In this talent driven marketplace that means you will be losing talent even before you start recruiting unless you start evaluating your employment brand and what it actually is!!


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I have seen that these emplyment brand really dont work at times when you dont have good bakcing of it .

I agree, there are companies out there who don't take it on board, but they are going to have to going forward. There is so much competition they will have to 'look after' their brand.

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