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January 23, 2008

Is it any wonder recruiters go mad?

Reading a good post on small business interview process on HRWorld got me thinking. A recently frustrating experience with a client left me, as the recruiter feeling embarrassed on behalf of my candidate for the time it took for the interview process.

How about this then (bearing in mind the role is for a junior coordinator role, and it is urgent) for a timeline for recruiting this member of staff?

Take brief from Client------relevant cv's provided in 2 days--------1st interview 3 days later (going well so far isn't it!)----------now we start to hit the quicksand!!-----------although very pleased with 1st candidate, wants to see more-----------interviewed more 3 weeks later-----------take 2 to 2nd stage assessment interview (including my original) - we are now in 6th week(!)----------they dither and they can't make a decision so telephone interview the 2 candidates again - in another week!---------- hang in there it gets better!----------then in week 9 the candidates have to have a 'final' telephone interview with a very senior global head of business (remember, it is only a junior position!)---------- during week 10 they discuss the outcome of this interview-------------then finally in week 11 they offer the role to the 'other candidate'----------in week 12 they accept it!!!!!!!

And of course that doesn't include the notice period the candidate had to serve! so in total it took nearly four months to recruit a junior position!!! Is it any wonder that recruiters go mad quicker than other industry sectors??

(And just for reference, my candidate went to a different company interview at 2pm and by 5pm had an offer - she was so good they didn't want to lose her!!)

Any of you had any similar (or worse) stories?


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That is slow. We sometimes take 2 weeks to conduct 2 interviews and make a decision. If I was a candidate for the job you mention, I think I would have started looking for something else.

Your'e right, they did!! I think 2 weeks for 2 interviews is a fair time, it is a shame that other employers don't work to the same timeline.

Hello Andy,
well I see you have problems as well. I could tell stories like that, lots.:) I've sent the link of this post to my boss to at least laugh together (instead of crying:P).
I gave up on one of our clients today. They did it again. Or maybe just I'm intolerant with this new trend..? Appearantly not. Their system is the following: make a 'recriutment process' just as you described above, select precisely (at least 3 interviews, refrecne-check, everything). When they have the perfect candidate who they are ready to hire, after many rounds starting the misery. They make an impossibly long negotiating process (with no e-mail or offer for weeks). Already missed three really amazing candidates on this way. My recruiter-heart is bleeding but I guess this project is hopeless.
So I guess I'll go to a yoga class or something today and start another project tomorrow (one where I can actually sell my fantastic candidates:)


I am not sure they will ever learn!! The problem is that many such comapanies don't actually have anybody that actually 'understands' recruitment in the first place. They further seem to compound this problem with empowering these 'individuals' with actually doing the recruitment!!
I think the yoga, bottle of wine, whisky or beer will solve your pain (well until the next one!!)


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