Sirona Consulting

Ten Years On - Consulting, Bungees, Social Recruiting and a Crocodile

Wow! It really doesn't seem like ten years ago that Sara and I sat down trying to decide on a name for our new company……… Now after ten years of recruiting, recruiting consulting projects, developing social recruiting strategies, delivering LinkedIn training and training many recruiters in the 'dark arts' of social media recruitment, we have […]

6 weeks to go and the thought of emulating James Bond is now getting damn scary

In six weeks time - 21st July, to be precise, I am doing something that my body might regret later!  A year ago when I started planning this, my talk was bold and the nerves were holding strong, but now the concept of jumping of this…… Please help me do this mad jump for a […]

Worthing Crocman (me) ‘flying’ video from Worthing Birdman 2009

Hopefully you enjoyed the great photographs in my last post of me 'flying' as Worthing Crocman in the Worthing Birdman competition. Well here is the video filmed by my daughter - and yes it is her 'commentary'! Don't forget this has been for a very good cause, and so far we have raised over £1000 […]

Worthing Crocman (me) photo montage at the International Worthing Birdman Competition 2009

What a fantastic weekend in Worthing!! The Worthing Birdman was brilliant and as promised here is a photo montage taken by Sara Headworth (video to follow seperately). Pondering the return to his natural habitat….the sea!! The TV's Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury with The Crocman! The TV's Gadget Show's Ortis Deeley with The Crocman! I am […]

Mother Nature tooks its toll on the Worthing Birdman!

After all the build up and excitement around the 2008 Worthing Birdman, in the end it was mother nature that had the last laugh!! Saturday was excellent, and I watched the real flyers take off in near perfect conditions for them, and it resulted in a record of 85m being set.But the early hours of […]

The Crocman of Worthing Birdman has captured the media’s attention

On Sunday The Crocman of Worthing, as I have now been so eloquently tagged, takes to the skies in the Birdman of Worthing  - well for a brief moment anyway? I am reckoning 3ft horizontal, 36ft down into the sea!! (Follow me & my croc tweets on the day on Twitter ) My Crocodile jump […]