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When social media became very surreal for me last week

    This last week really brought home to me the reality the world of social networks and the 'real' offline world merging. I am sure you have all made relationships via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, then taken them offline, for a more meaningful business relationship - I certainly have. But last week, this went […]

Why does society accept discrimination and yet it is outlawed in the workplace?

  I feel like I am stepping into the lions den, writing this post today, as it is on the thorny subject of race discrimination - more directly, white vs black. Within the world of recruitment / employment / job seeking etc the whole subject of discrimination is around us. We are now subject to […]

Watch Out! The Apprentice and Big Brother ‘combined’ to create the sickest reality TV yet - ‘Someone’s Gotta Go!’

If you thought that reality TV couldn't get any worse, then think again! For all of you that follow me on Twitter (@andyheadworth) you will know of my dislike for both The Apprentice and Big Brother - you may have even joined in with the regular debate on them on Twitter. For me they are […]