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Through our experience, we have found that both Senior Management and HR departments are dedicating more of their time to different business issues, leaving their time very short for recruitment. We aim to work with such companies and provide them with the recruitment expertise they need, when they need it - whether that just be for one or two days a month or full time. 

We typically provide the following types of service:

We can provide expertise on the following subjects:

  Decreasing your recruitment costs

  Reducing your dependency on recruitment companies

  Developing and directing recruitment strategies

  Candidate attraction strategies

  Management of full end to end recruitment process

  Decreasing your cost per hire

  Increasing the number of direct hires

  Creation of an in-house talent pool

  All recruitment methods including e-recruitment

  Succession planning and retention

  Effective internal referral schemes

  Training of internal recruitment staff


  Increasing hiring and retention levels

  Skill and salary benchmarking

  Setting up and managing of preferred suppliers

  Negotiating terms with recruitment companies

  Tactical recruitment

  Ensuring that the business is not acting discriminately

  Recruitment vendor selection

  Market analysis

  Creative Advertising

  Management of specific campaigns

  Managing candidate selection process

  Using your brand as a recruitment tool



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