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This is the fastest growing method of recruitment for companies and can simply be described as the online channel. Online recruitment can vary from simple and cost effective solutions to large online strategies. There is one channel that should be mandatory for any company, and that is an effective corporate website as this can generate a large number of direct candidates. We have highlighted some of the areas where Sirona Consulting can help you improve your online recruitment effectiveness.

Corporate Website
  • Does your company have a website?
  • Do you have a careers page?
  • Do you regularly advertise vacancies on it?
  • Are you 'selling' vacancies rather than placing job specifications?
  • How do you drive traffic to your vacancy page?
  • Do you use  search engine optimisation (SEO)?
  • Are you using search engine management (SEM) to drive traffic through pay per click(PPC) advertising?
  • Does it sell your company to future employees?
Job Boards
  • Do you make use of online job boards?
  • Do you know which job boards to use - specialist or generic boards?
  • Are you effective at writing the ad copy to attract the right calibre applicants?
  • How do you manage the response?
  • Most online sites have extensive databases of candidates - have you thought about using them?
  • These online databases could help you start building a talent pool for the future


  • Do you have an employee referral scheme in place internally?
  • Do you use your best adverts - your staff- to help you recruit?
  • Do you have an internal website?
  • Do you advertise your vacancies internally?
  • Do you use networking as a recruitment method?
  • Do you use one of the social networking tools to identify future employees?
  • Do you have an internal communication process?
e-Recruitment Technology
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These full end to end recruitment solutions address the entire employee relationship from hiring to performance management, learning and development, compensation and succession planning.
  • Online assessment testing. There are many different types of online assessment tools to choose from depending on the type of people you are recruiting, ranging from technical testing to psychometric assessments.



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