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November 20, 2007

Had a bad day? Feel like you want to have a good rant? Here you go then...

Today I discovered a great site for all you employees that have a real problem with either your company, your colleagues, your boss or all of them!!  The site is called Workrant and it allows you to do exactly that!! It allows you to rant away all your work related stress - anonymously - and ease the frustration accordingly. And if words are just not enough then they allow you to upload videos of your work rants as well......awesome!

Truly a great (and funny) site, but isn't for the faint hearted and those managers of a nervous disposition, stay away from this site!!

There is an example of a recent rant below from someone only known as ERL:

"First let me describe my boss to you. She's very very tall ... very very obese ... and resembles monchichi in a most peculiar way. She dresses like a beggar, she communicates like a petulant teenager, she manages like a blind, deaf, and dumb lion. Roaring loudly and never seeing what is in fact around her.

She hires talented people but runs them off because she micro-manages and bitches them to death. I haven't been in this position a year, have gone thru 3 different schedules, 2 supervisors, and much of my mental health. She changes her mind about everything AFTER we have already managed to do a 3 day task in 15 minutes. She is irrational, insensitive, and intolerant. She permits some employees to show up late 3 or 4 times a week ... but has no tolerance for someonesigning on early."


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