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September 10, 2007

Talent Puddles, Talent Pools.......Talent Raindrops??

With all the talk of talent, where it is, and what we are all doing with it, I read something this week that made me smile.
Nestle, not content with having a talent pool, have further defined this into talent puddles - nothing new but still refreshing to see!  They define them as a small targeted pool of talent that is easier to access and manage.

I think this is the natural evolution of an active talent database, with small enough numbers of people in it to do something proactively with.
I think they provide great definition to their recruitment process, and by having micro-sites that feed these talent puddles it does seem to work. It has saved them £300k after all!
Fiona White, Head of Recruitment at Nestle, does seem to created a manageable way of recruiting talent into the business and being continuously proactive with it.

My only question is what comes next when they drill it down again........Talent Raindrops????


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