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Would these employee benefits help keep you at a company?

We all know that as the market is fast picking up, the passive employees are slowly becoming 'un-passive' and seeing what else is out there in the job market. Coupled to this, there is the tranche of recruiters and organisations now actively targeting passive job seekers (social media has REALLY helped this). Companies (if they […]

Does your employer even care about employee engagement?

  The UK is returning to work after the combination of Easter and May Bank Holiday. There will be a good few people I am sure, wishing that they didn't have to go to work today for their current employer! My daughter,was one of them. She is a classic gen Y, and while she works […]

The recruitment reality check: Your employees are leaving sometime soon!

Are you one of those companies who like sticking your fingers in your ears, while singing 'la la la' out loud. hoping that it won't happen to you? Come on, you know you are! After all, all your staff are happy, you have a great employer brand and everything is 'nice and dandy' with your […]

Making Employee Engagement and Social Recruiting Real - a great case study from TGI Friday’s

If you were looking for examples of great employee engagement and social recruiting case studies, you wouldn't necessarily think of the restaurant where you take the kids for a treat, have a boozy work night out or where you can have a few cocktails while chatting to your mates. TGI Fridays have actually been ahead […]

Guest blog: Is employee engagement really just about good communication?

  Last week I had the pleasure of talking to Pam Kennett from a company called Chiswick Consulting. They do alot of work around organisational effectiveness, and improving the way companies work. One of the parts of our conversation, revolved around communication, and how poor it is within many companies - specifically around employee engagement. […]

Are Brands failing to follow the rules of candidate engagement?

While reading Marketing Week yesterday, I came across a a very interesting article entitled, Brands Fail to Follow Rules of Engagement. And while it sits in a marketing magazine, I believe that the same applies to recruitment and candidates. Research from Targetbase Claydon Heeley (now that’s a catchy company name, if ever I heard one!) […]