CV Presentation

Preparing your CV is the first step to finding yourself that new job. It is vital to spend time in getting this right as for any one job the recruiter could have as many as 100 CVs to review.

We have listed a number of do's and don'ts below as a basic guideline.

Put your present or most recent role first. This experience is what is probably going to be the most relevant. 
Include one sentence about the company you worked for; its size and business activity are two of the most important areas. 
List your achievements. Identify what you achieved whilst carrying out your responsibilities and not just what your responsibilities were. Quote figures where possible. Employers want to feel that you will add value to their organization through your actions as well as carry out your day-to-day duties. 
Keep it to the point. Consider using bullet points, concentrate on the most relevant points. 
List your skills. It is important to include other skills as well as formal education and qualification. Languages and IT skills are prime examples of these. 
Include some interests, they are a way for a recruiter to remember who you are and show you to be human. 
Be concise. Keep your CV to two or three pages in length. CVs of any greater length will often be overlooked as it shows poor judgment as to what is and what isn't relevant. 
Always check your CV before issuing it. Spelling and grammatical errors are an easy way for a recruiter to weed out weaker candidates. Get someone who you trust to read it through. 

Be dishonest. Companies will try to ascertain content of your CV either through the interview process, via referees or from information service companies. You will be caught out. 
Be inconsistent with dates. In particular don't leave any gaps in the CV. If you took time off voluntarily or through redundancy then state this. 
Include a photo. You want the recruiter to look at and make a judgment upon your CV not your features. 
Use fancy fonts, typeface, shading, boxes and columns. Keep it clear



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